22nd May 2020

Shared Hosting Servers Maintenance Ongoing for Premium Backup Services

To improve the performance and reliability of our backup systems, long-term maintenance of this system has started.

At this time, users who are subscribed to our Premium Backup Services (or are using one of our Premium Unlimited or Premium Plan hosting packages) are still covered, and will continue to be backed up daily.

UPDATE At this time, Hardware maintenance is complete, and we have resumed our policy of backing up all user data on our shared network. The initial snapshot is expected to take about three days to complete, with daily snapshot schedules resuming after that. Unless you are subscribed to our backup services or have one of our Premium Plan hosting plans, all old backups of your account are no longer available.

Users subscribed to our backup services will still have backups retained and available, however for a short period we will only be able to guarantee five retention points.

After the maintenance is complete, we will be able to resume our original retention policy of 15 snapshots for all users.